The Guidebook

The Guidebook and 2019 Primer support executive directors and board members of foundations of all types and sizes to begin or deepen their work in impact investment.

They provide answers to common questions, such as:

What is Responsible and Impact Investing? Why is it important for foundations?

What are other foundations doing about it?

How can we begin, advance or improve Impact Investing at our foundation?

To make sure you get the support you need, the Guidebook and 2019 Primer were designed to be used in part or in full. Simply choose your own starting point or begin with a module – whether it be a comprehensive introduction to the field, peer success stories or a self-guided roadmap to put Responsible and Impact Investing into practice at your foundation.

While the majority of the Guidebook, originally published in 2017, remains relevant today and continues to be a valuable resource, we created the 2019 Primer to provide an update on market trends, legal opinions, new products and the inspiring work of your peers.

Case Studies Case Studies
Case Studies

Hear from your peers. The Impact Investing Guidebook provides real stories from organizations of all sizes.

Frameworks Frameworks

Understand the definition of Impact Investing and the various frameworks associated with the industry.

Conversations Conversations

From debunking myths to overcoming common challenges, the guidebook showcases conversations with experts and peers to address your concerns.

Roadmaps Roadmaps

Step-by-step instructions for how to move forward in your impact investing journey.

The Modules

Got a specific question? Short on time?

The Impact Investing Guidebook was designed with your needs in mind. 
Simply choose your own starting point with a module below:

Case Studies Module

  • Learning from Practitioners: Voices of Foundation Executives
  • Lessons from The Field: Voices of Foundation Investees

Conversations Module

  • Eliminating Myths 
  • Addressing Practical Challenges

Practical Examples Module

  • Impact Investing in Action
  • Opportunities across asset classes

Definitions Module

  • What is Impact Investing?

Frameworks Module

  • What is Impact Investing?
  • How is Impact Investing different from other types of investing?
  • Examples of Impact Investing Across Asset Classes, Themes and Geographies
  • Mission and Program-Related Investments

Roadmaps Module

  • Seven Steps for Implementing an Impact Investing Strategy
  • Quick Wins

Implications Module

  • Quick Wins
  • Myths and Challenges

Process Module

  • A Roadmap to Move Capital to Mission